Aura Pro Phase Contrast Illuminator

Rack-and-Pinion Pillar

Phase-contrast and darkfield illuminator with ultra-long working distance.

Designed to allow true Zernicke phase contrast with up to 230 mm working distance. The long working distance makes the Aura pro ideal for combination with electrophysiology and fast drug application, where space above the sample is often limited. Using concentric LED rings, the Aura Pro is simple to align and available in a range of colour options (white, blue, green, and near-IR). Due to the design, it can provide Ph1, Ph2, and Ph3, as well as darkfield imaging. The Aura Pro can be easily combined with an additional brightfield LED, allowing combinations of phase contrast, darkfield and brightfield, such as Rheinberg-illumination.

Developed with Prof. Kevin Webb of the Optics and Photonics Research Group at the University of Nottingham.

Auro Pro Phase Contrast Illuminator shown here mounted onto the Cairn Ltd. Rack-and-Pinion Pillar

Further information at Cairn Research Ltd.