openFrame Upright Extension

Built with the Sensapex high precision uMs microscope in mind, the openFrame Upright Extension brings the versatility and photon efficiency of openFrame to upright microscopes.

The example shown here includes an interface for an illumination device – be that LEDs or a multimode laser – as well as an integrated dual detection camera splitter, which is a manual or motorized, three-position filter cube slider from our openFrame range.

Running on the uMs, this system is targeted mainly to the neuroscience field, where the combination of electrophysiology with optophysiology and optogenetics unlocks the full power of the research tools available today.


  • Photon efficient: Collecting more light means clearer images for a given excitation intensity.
  • Future proof: Modular design means the system grows with your experimental requirements. You buy the features you need, when you need them.
  • Fully flexible: Control can be manual, motorized, or fully automated. Or all at once. You decide.
  • High repeatability: Closed-loop control means no shifting in focus or stage position, no matter how much movement your protocols require.