CellCam Rana 200CR

CellCam Centro

The Rana offers a new take on affordable colour imaging in the Biosciences. As well as acquiring standard RGBA 24-bit colour images it can also be used in 8 and 12-bit monochrome and de-interleaved colour modes making it far better suited to fluorescence / transmitted light overlays. With 2.4um pixels it achieves diffraction limits with low magnification objectives and high resolution machine vision lenses. The low read noise, high QE and active cooling ensures strong performance at higher magnification with pixel binning or secondary demagnification.


  • Widefield fluorescence imaging on fixed samples
  • High resolution phase contrast, brightfield, and DIC
  • Auxiliary back focal plane / finder camera
  • Macro imaging with high resolution machine vision lenses

Additional information 

  • Optical window: AR-coated UV/IR blocking filter (400-700nm) or AR-coated clear optical window (350-1050nm)
  • Physical dimensions – 65mm x 65mm x 100mm with 1/4-20 UNC mounting hole in each face
  • Mounting thread M42x0.75 T2 with C Mount adapter included
  • Connections – 12V 2.5A din connector, USB 3.0 type B
  • Software support – MicroManager 2.0 ( https://micro-manager.org/Download_Micro-Manager_Latest_Release ), Windows & Linux SDK