White LED
Blue LED
Purple LED
Green LED

Combining these devices with closed-loop feedback control from our OptoLED has key advantages in live-cell recordings where short and long term intensity variations can be a problem with alternative light sources. The ultra-high stability and “instantaneous” (sub-microsecond) vibration-free switching and intensity modulation are valuable in a wide range of applications such as combined imaging and electrophysiology, voltage sensitive dye studies and high-speed tracking. The facility to “gate” the light source directly from the camera and thus only expose the specimen whilst the camera is integrating helps to reduce photo-bleaching / photo-damage and also prevents bleedthrough during frame readout or rolling shutter artefacts. Ultraviolet and white LEDs are also available for uncaging applications and brightfield illumination. The rapid modulation and ability to accurately define independent illumination areas for different wavelengths makes the OptoLED the ideal source for Optogenetics. The power supply allows devices to be transiently overdriven to 5A to give increased optical intensity whilst fully protecting the LED from damage.

The MonoLED Controller can be used for single LED channel operation whilst a custom solution (MultiLite) can be used if more than two LED channels are required.

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