OptoSplit II

OptoSplit II

Dual Emission Image Splitter

The Cairn OptoSplit II emission image splitter is a simple device enabling a single camera to record images simultaneously at two different optical wavelengths, polarisation states or other differentiated states.

Traditionally, dual channel imaging is performed using an electronic filter changer or an additional camera and beamsplitter, neither of which is ideal for all applications. The switching speed of an electronic filter changer limits the temporal resolution, whereas a second camera adds cost and complexity. The OptoSplit uses a unique rotating mirror cradle, which gives adjustable spatial separation, to ensure excellent image registration and features a fully adjustable rectangular aperture to enable cropped sensor imaging modes and reduced scatter.

The latest version uses our own lens design to support the Larger Sensors of scientific CMOS and some EMCCD cameras. The instruments have a correspondingly larger aperture and improved off-axis correction to give enhanced performance with all sensors.

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