Aura Phase Contrast Illuminator

Aura Pro

The Cairn Aura phase contrast illuminator allows true Zernike phase contrast with a working distance up to 180 mm (clear working space!) for your most demanding experiments. Based on a concept developed by Webb et al. at the University of Nottingham, the Aura uses concentric rings of super-bright LEDs in place of the conventional condenser and phase rings. The Aura provides the highest-quality phase contrast images with very simple alignment and works with a selection of inverted research microscopes for electrophysiology, live cell imaging, and multimodal time-lapse experiments. The Aura allows turn-key PhL, Ph1, and Ph2 and some darkfield imaging in white light or the near infrared (other colours on request).

Aura Phase Contrast Illuminator shown here mounted onto the Cairn Ltd Adjustable Retort Pillar

Further information at Cairn Research Ltd.