About Cairn GmbH

Cairn GmbH is a fast-growing company serving the high-end light microscopy market in the extended European Economic Area. We are based in Heidelberg (Germany), at the heart of one of Germany’s strongest research regions – home to both world class universities and leading applied industrial research. 

Budding from Cairn Research Ltd in early 2021, Cairn GmbH was founded to provide an outstanding service to our European customers. Both teams are made up of passionate microscopists with many years of research background in the biosciences, physics, electronics and precision engineering. We work together to develop microscopy solutions for fundamental research and industrial applications by drawing from the wealth of proven Cairn microscopy components, and by selecting the most suitable extensions and peripherals available from our partner companies. 

We look forward to teaming up with old and new customers to tackle today’s most challenging questions, always keeping an eye on tomorrow’s requirements!