Configured for high performance, live cell imaging, the FRAPtor is based on a two-column openFrame. With two large FOV sCMOS cameras, the design combines photon efficiency and highest possible levels of versatility.

The secondary detection tower uses a CMOS camera for phase contrast imaging. Due to the flexible design, it is possible to simultaneously image fluorescence and phase contrast using a single high-NA objective.

The system is designed to deliver class-leading multicolour SMLM super resolution performance.

TIRF/HILO and FRAP functionality are achieved with the integrated Gataca iLas2.


  • Large FOV: Large optics and extended apertures throughout the system yield a class-leading field-of-view for super-resolution imaging, allowing you to see the whole picture.
  • Dual-colour: Simultaneous imaging of two full fields of view allows two molecule species to be imaged in perfect synchrony.
  • Photon-efficient: Reducing the number of optical elements in the fluorescence imaging paths means more photons reach the camera. The resulting brighter images bring better localisation.