System Integration

Our experienced team of scientists and engineers are dedicated to enabling researchers to undertake challenging experiments and acquire reliable data. To achieve this, we design, supply and support a wide range of instruments for fluorescence microscopy and related disciplines. Alongside our own product range, we incorporate high quality components and software from partner companies to produce turnkey integrated systems complete with tailored support packages. Thanks to our modular approach, these integrated systems will achieve the performance you need today, while offering the flexibility to adapt to your changing requirements as your research evolves tomorrow.

We are proud to support open source and sustainable initiatives and will gladly integrate existing hardware where appropriate, whilst ensuring a coherent upgrade path for future demands.

Applying our Team’s knowledge of the latest technologies and techniques, as well as our first-hand experience in the underlying science, we work with you to provide an optimal imaging solution over a broad spectrum of application areas. Ranging from cardiac research and neuroscience, over cancer research to plant sciences and general cell biology, our systems have been applied to most fields of biology and biomedical research.

Multi-Camera installation on a single output port

Multi-Camera installation

Up to four cameras can be installed onto a single microscope output port using the MultiCam. High quality lenses are used to relay the image into sharp focus on every camera sensor that is installed onto the port adapters. Other optics can also be inserted into the light path via auxiliary input sliders and customisable filter cubes provide the separation between different paths.

Filter Wheel Integration

OptoSpin Filter Wheel

Integration of OptoSpin Filter Wheel attached to a microscope side camera port.