Emission Inifinity Port

emission infinity port

Provides up to 200mm of collimated infinity space

The Cairn Emission Infinity port is a simple 1x relay device providing up to 200mm of infinity space to insert filter wheels or other devices for which the angle of incoming light is important. Using our custom designed optics allows us to work with sensors up to 18.8mm diagonal as to not compromise on field of view. In many microscope systems, filter wheels are built into the c-mount output, where the light is converging down to its focal point (i.e the camera chip). While this tends not to be a problem in standard widefield imaging, this can cause two problem for advanced techniques:

  1. The properties of optical filters are based around receiving light at 0 degrees. When a filter is placed in converging, or diverging light, the central beams will travel through the filters at zero degrees, but the outer beams will be travelling through at an angle, which will distort the wavelength band of the filter, and could lead to bleed-through of some excitation light, causing an increase in background noise.
  2. When light travels through an optical element at 0 degrees, the focal point remains unchanged, but when it travels through at an angle, refraction will cause the focal point to shift, thus the image on the camera will no longer be parfocal with the image through the eyepieces. This can also affect the point spread function.

In addition to using this device to mount a filter wheel, it is also useful to extend the c-mount away from the microscope to better fit with existing climate chambers where internal space is limited.

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