Aura Pro Phase Contrast Illuminator

Rack-and-Pinion Pillar

Phase-contrast and darkfield illuminator with ultra-long working distance. Designed to allow true Zernicke phase contrast with up to 230 mm working distance. The long working distance makes the Aura pro ideal for combination with electrophysiology and fast drug application, where space above the sample is often limited. Using concentric LED rings, the Aura Pro is … Read more

Aura Phase Contrast Illuminator

Aura Pro

The Cairn Aura phase contrast illuminator allows true Zernike phase contrast with a working distance up to 180 mm (clear working space!) for your most demanding experiments. Based on a concept developed by Webb et al. at the University of Nottingham, the Aura uses concentric rings of super-bright LEDs in place of the conventional condenser and … Read more



Ratiometric calcium imaging with microsecond switching Compact and optimised LED light source for 340nm / 380nm  or 360nm / 405nm ratiometric Fura-2 or Fura-8 fluorescence imaging Ratiometric calcium imaging with LEDs can work extremely well, but, due to the relatively narrow bandwidths and spectral variations of individual LEDs, it does require attention to detail. The … Read more


TwinLED – Dual LED Light source

Dual channel microscope Illumination Compact TwinLED illuminator for fluorescence or transmitted light imaging To augment our range of individual LED heads and microscope adapters we are pleased to offer the modular TwinLED dual illuminators which work seamlessly with our OptoLED controller. These heads are preconfigured for applications such as green and red fluorescence, optogenetics or … Read more



LED light source – Large emitter LED light source for macro-imaging For cardiac optical mapping and slice imaging with macro objectives or macro camera lenses the (much abused) laws of physics allow us to make use of larger emitters than would be optimal for micro epifluorescence. Rather than continuing to tweak and periodically blow up … Read more



Combining these devices with closed-loop feedback control from our OptoLED has key advantages in live-cell recordings where short and long term intensity variations can be a problem with alternative light sources. The ultra-high stability and “instantaneous” (sub-microsecond) vibration-free switching and intensity modulation are valuable in a wide range of applications such as combined imaging and … Read more