Dual Objective Changer

Dual Objective Changer

The Dual Objective Changer allows for two objectives to be simultaneously mounted on the focus drive. The Dual Objective Changer expands the Motorised Z-Drive to allow two objectives to be used in an openFrame microscope. Switching between the objectives is motorised – there is no need to manually move them, although this is possible if … Read more

Motorised Z-Stage

The Motorised Z-Drive is a fast and accurate focusing drive with a range of 10 mm. Motorised focusing on the openFrame is achieved through an accurate z-drive which is integrated into the focusing layer. The drive has large travel and small step size, while being able to reliably move all common objectives – large or … Read more

Manual 3D Sample Stage

The Manual 3D sample stage provides a cost-efficient and robust means of moving the sample in 3D. The simplest and most cost-efficient focusing solution for the openFrame is a three-axis manual microstage that moves the sample while keeping the objective fixed.  This solution is often used in a teaching environment, or when simplicity of the … Read more

Stage Mount Layer

The openFrame platform includes a versatile interface plate for mounting a microscope stage. The plate is configured with hole patterns to allow all common microscopy XY stages to be mounted – whether they have manual or motorised control. This flexibility allows almost any existing stage to be used, or a new stage to be selected … Read more