CellCam Rana 200CR

CellCam Centro

The Rana offers a new take on affordable colour imaging in the Biosciences. As well as acquiring standard RGBA 24-bit colour images it can also be used in 8 and 12-bit monochrome and de-interleaved colour modes making it far better suited to fluorescence / transmitted light overlays. With 2.4um pixels it achieves diffraction limits with … Read more

CellCam Centro 200MR

CellCam Centro

The Centro is an affordable all-rounder for fixed and live samples across a wide range of microscopy and macroscopy applications. A 20 Mega Pixel sensor opens up opportunities for sub-region imaging at higher frame rates for techniques such as stochastic super resolution (STORM) and dynamic time-lapse imaging, whilst still maintaining the ability to oversample to push diffraction limits … Read more

CellCam Kikker 100MT

CellCam Kikker

The Kikker provides excellent image quality with a large field of view at an affordable price. The camera is thermoelectrically cooled giving low dark current and has ≈85% Quantum Efficiency and true 12-bit digitisation which can be optimised for low light and/or high dynamic range. This is the go-to camera for versatile imaging with 40X to 100X microscope … Read more